About Tapps

Tapps boasts of manufacturing a wide range of footwear for men and women.

Advent In The Footwear Industry

India’s first exclusive online shoe portal, Tapps started transforming the footwear industry in Sept 2014 with a single manufacturing unit in Delhi. Tapps is an all-inclusive brand which provides unique solutions to every Indian looking for attractive and durable shoes in an affordable price range and high quality. Today Tapps boasts of manufacturing a wide range of footwear for men and women – sports shoes, sneakers, formal shoes, casual shoes, handmade leather shoes and a lot more. We focus on increasing our manufacturing strength and bring to our customers, some of the best deals in latest designs catering to every fashion statement and every pocket size.

The Perfect Pair Of Shoes For Everyone

At Tapps, we are extremely passionate about sophisticated craftsmanship and we want each one of our clients to experience that in our products. High demand for our products pushed us further into the realm of extensive introspection and improvement.  In a country like India where people are still judged based on their footwear and dressing sense, everyone wants to exude class. It is therefore that Tapps has come up with versatile products that suit every age and mindset.

Why Choose Tapps

High-Quality Materials And Aesthetic Designs

Tapps brings you a debonair collection of formal shoes for men. Our range of shoes are inspired by changing market trends and fashion statements, however, best quality remains a mandatory feature in each one of our manufactured pair of shoes.

The aesthetic designs in conjunction with the lightweight and comfortable build of the shoe are sure to satisfy each one of our buyers. Right from sports shoes to casuals,

Tapps offers you everything that compliments your personality and attire.

Trendy And Ergonomic Designs

Tapps provides everyone with a unique pair of shoes at affordable prices suitable for every fashion statement that exists. Our designers care for your comfort as much as the attractive appearance of your shoes. At Tapps, class and comfort go hand in hand.

Masterpieces For Fine Taste

We know how shoes can give a subtle insight into a person’s personality. So, our artisans craft some fascinating and exclusive designs in 100% genuine leather for all our customers who are still charmed by the love of leather. Let your shoes do the talking!

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