Tapps Shoes Inviting Franchise

Tapps Franchise is a 100% secure business with MAXIMUM BUSINESS .

Do you believe in transparent sales and remarkable profits in a small investment?

If that is the case, Tapps can provide you with a unique entrepreneurship opportunity. We at Tapps, provide 100% secure franchise opportunities with a maxumum business  and clear-cut profit margins.

About Tapps Franchise

Tapps is an emerging leader in the footwear industry, providing durable and exclusive designs for men and women. We have come up with an unprecedented business opportunity. Tapps invites franchise business partners from PAN India to sell our footwear in their exclusive Tapps stores as well as online on the biggest shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart. The necessary requirement for this would be a 200- 500 ft warehouse.

Unlike ever heard before, we, at Tapps provide a maximum business  with  18-40% profit margins(For to Online) and 8-10% (For offline) each one of our franchise and Distribution partners.

By becoming a Tapps franchise, you will benefit from a comprehensive support program as follows:

  • Employee training program will be provided to the workforce for the franchise store and sales team.
  • Firm and E Commerce Accounts are created by Tapps 
  • All Listing,Photoshoot and Catalogue  
  • The packaging material will be provided on chargeable basis. for online sale
  • Magnificent interior design, decor and layout for the franchise store
  • Tapps will provide complete support in setting up of the warehouse.



The Franchise Business Partners need to procure the stock from Tapps and manage it in their own warehouse. The warehouse should be within city limits and must have the capacity of showcasing 2000-3000 pairs at a time which need to be restocked on a monthly basis. Tapps shoes will be sold in your exclusive store.

In addition to that, for the e-commerce, Tapps will create your seller accounts on Amazon and Flipkart. Also, we will submit all the articles there. The consumers will buy the products directly on these online portals and as a franchise business partner, you are responsible for the packing, invoicing and handling of these products. Upon receiving the order, a person from the courier service designated by Amazon & Flipkart will collect the products to be delivered from your warehouse.

All the payments will directly go to the franchisee’s account. The Flipkart payments shall be sent to the franchise after 15 days of delivery. The Amazon payments shall be sent to the franchise after 7 Days of delivery.





Joining Tapps as a franchise requires hard work and determination. For this reason, we want to choose the right person to join our team. The ideal candidate we are looking for should be computer-literate and a graduate, at the minimum. The prospective franchisee must have a flair for online business.

Opening a Tapps franchise requires an initial investment of 2- 10 Lac and the franchise needs to maintain a minimum stock for 15 days as per previous sales trend.

This is a growing business; hence, the franchise needs to be willing to increase space and stocking in the future.

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About Tapps Shoes Pvt Ltd 

India’s first exclusive online shoe portal, Tapps started transforming the footwear industry in Sept 2014 with a single manufacturing unit in Delhi. Tapps is an all-inclusive brand which provides unique solutions to every Indian looking for attractive and durable shoes in an affordable price range and high quality. Today Tapps boasts of manufacturing a wide range of footwear for men and women – sports shoes, sneakers, formal shoes, casual shoes, handmade leather shoes and a lot more. We focus on increasing our manufacturing strength and bring to our customers, some of the best deals in latest designs catering to every fashion statement and every pocket size.

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